Thursday, April 24, 2008

In love!

"There aren't words yet invented to define the emotions a mother feels as she cuddles her newborn child." ~Janet Leigh
As I sit and write this blog, it is hard to find words to describe the feelings we have for this little miracle. Chris and I are so in love with him and feel so blessed he is here and doing well! Elias is already two weeks old...still a peanut, but eating, sleeping and pooping like a champ! He is so sweet and full of life! Here are some pictures of Elias with Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles! Chris and I are so thankful for our wonderful families...Thank you so much for all your love and support and help during these first few weeks!! And also, thank you to our friends who have called and e-mailed...your love and support means so much to us!

Auntie gigi (Jenn)visiting in the hospital...soon Elias will meet his cousin, baby Berndt! We are very excited for you Jenn and Phil...
Auntie Sarah holding Elias the first few days we were home! Thanks for all your help Sarah!! Auntie Sally holding Elias...thank you Sally for all your help!!
My first time in my new chair!
My first outing with mommy! (that's our home in the background)
Dreaming about milkies!
Uncle Ox with Elias at one day old!
Dreaming about more milkies!
Dad and Mom loving me! Can you see my dimple chin? I got this from my Daddy's side!
Grandpa John (Ekern) holding his first grandchild!
Nana and Grandpa (Vogt) admiring Elias, their sixth grandchild!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Welcome to the world... Elias Julian Ekern!

We have finally settled on a name for our little one... Elias (pronounced e-LIE-us) Julian Ekern! Since the day we layed eyes on him, we thought he looked like a kid that needed a name that started with an "E". Mom loves Elias, and Dad loves Eli... So everybody is happy! His middle name is given to him after his Great Grandpa Julian Ekern.

Little Eli and Mom are doing great... The only minor problem was his low blood sugar, but they hooked him up to an I.V. with sugar water (you can see the wrap around his hand in one of the pictures) and he is starting to overcome this problem. He should be fine! The nurses are taking excellent care of Eli and Mom (and Dad) and we're hoping everybody can come home soon!

Here are some more pictures of the little peanut...

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's a boy!

We are pleased to announce the birth of our baby boy!

Born: April 10, 2008 - 4:34pm
Name: To be determined
Nickname: Peanut
Weight: 3 lbs 15 oz
Length: 17 inches

Baby Ekern came a couple weeks early, and was just a little squirt... but he has no complications and is recovering along with Mommy in the hospital.

Note: Blog entry was done by Dad, so it's not very creative and was completed in record fast time. Updates will be made by Mom when she is released from the hospital!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Sisters..."like branches on a tree we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other."
~author unknown

Sarah, Sally and Angie at
"Blue Monday" in Northfield
April 3rd, 2008

A few weeks ago we recieved a call from sister Sarah with some wonderful news...after living in Colorado for 11 years, they were moving back to Minnesota!! Her husband accepted a job at the REI in Maple Grove!! A few weeks later they packed up their car with their two boys...Aaron and Raine, two dogs...Ceres and Chloe, and two cats...Otzy and Kiara and headed for the land of 10,ooo lakes!!

There is just nothing like having family close by! Just last week, Sally (who lives in Rochester) and Sarah were able to come to Northfield for the day... we had a great time! We laughed and talked and drank coffee and ate food and know, we just did our sister thing! :) I feel so blessed and fortunate to have such amazing people in my life. The love and support we share with eachother is deep, like roots on a tree!

As Chris and I start our family, we really appreciate and cherish this love and support from family and friends. We are so thankful! We just can't wait to have our little one grow with all of you as a part of his or her life... what a lucky little one! :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring has begun and baby E will be here soon!!

Happy April!! We hope this note finds you all well and ready for spring! Today was a beautiful day. Spring has begun!! Only three more weeks until our little one's due date. Being off my feet has been a blessing and my appointments have been going really well. So, baby E will come when ready!! I sure do wish I knew when this would be! :)

Here are some photos from Easter. My parents were able to come for the weekend and help out with house projects. Here is a picture of my Dad, Tim and Chris working on the laundry room! I am greatful for this since I have a feeling I will be spending more time here after baby is born. Sally, Tim and the kiddos also came for the day. This is how these three cuties showed up at our house...two bunnies and a flower!! It was a wonderful Easter!

Last weekend, we were able to spend some time with some close friends and their little ones!! Here are a few pictures of Court and Kel's little one...Brinnon! She is so sweet and stylin' in her winter hat. Mikko also fell in love with her as he anxiously waited for her to drop the toy so it could become his. He actually was very patient and gentle with her.
Here is little Avery and Brinnon in a sea of books! They are so sweet together!!

The little one's room! It has been so much fun nesting and getting ready for this little person to enter our world! Here are a few pictures of the baby's room...a work in progress. It was so much fun to paint the tree with birds. We have a bird/nature theme going fun! I could just spend hours in this room imagining what is to come!

The belly cast! Here is a cast of my belly(and boobs!!)! Thank you Courtney for helping with this creation! What an amazing time that I will treasure forever. Pregnancy is beautiful!!