Sunday, May 30, 2010

FuN iN tHe SuN...

Here are a few favorite recent pictures of our little guy and a few funny stories! Hope you enjoy!! My Uncle Ox's Car is soooooo great!
That was an amazing popsicle!

My auntie LyLy and I hanging out...

Cute pout face...

Mom and I hanging out in the sun!

Sandy feet...

very cute...

My nana and I walking on the dock...

Peeking out...

May 10th
While getting ready for bed, Elias was almost asleep when he decided it was time to get up and look at the clock and say, "It's 47 mom, time to get up!"
May 11th
Elias goes into his bedroom and stands next to his growth chart and then stands back and looks at it and says, "I'm 24 mom"
May 11th
Car conversation:
Eli: "Where's daddy?"
Mom: "Daddy's at work."
Eli: "Daddy golfing at work?" (He thinks this is what daddy does at work after seeing a small putting green at Chris' office)
Mom: "Well, no daddy is working on the computer at his office."
Eli: "I want to go see daddy at work."
Mom: "Well, tomorrow we get to drive by daddy's work on our way to Brainerd."
Eli: "Lucky dog."
May 24th
After waking up from a nap Eli walks over to the door and says, "I'm going to Target mom, see you later."
New favorite Eli phrases:
"Holy Moly"
"Oh Bummer"
"I'm okay"
"All better"
"Oh darnit"

Friday, April 30, 2010

Conversations with Eli...

Elias and Addie last they both look so different and grown up!Kiss from of my many girlfriends!Easter egg hunt at nana and grandpa's!Painting together!My little artist!Minnows...oh, the deep love of minnows!!Matching hats with Avery!First ice-fishing experience!Although I've enjoyed not having internet at home for many reasons, I have missed being able to share the life of our little guy...our 2 year old who has grown....oh so much...oh so fast! I've been writing things down to share and let me tell you my friends, there is so much to share! Here are just a few of the many new milestones of our little boy! (but he will tell you he is a "big boy" now)

One of the huge changes has been that we can now have full on conversations with Eli...conversations that make sense! It is so sweet how he expresses himself...asks questions...and makes comments!

While driving in the car:
Eli: "I see horses mama!"
Mom: "Do you see the horses?"
Eli: "I saw a whole bunch of horses mama!"

While playing with Addie(also 2 years old) in our little play kitchen:
Eli: "What are you doing Addie?"
Addie: "I'm doing the dishes Eli."
Eli: "You doing the dishes?"
Addie: "Yes, I'm doing the dishes."

While having a movement (which is a big event):
Eli: "pooping mama....pooping mama...POOPING MAMA!"
Mom: "Mama will hold you."
Eli: "Oh my gosh!" "Oh my gosh!"

Questions, comments, and concerns from Eli:
"You want to play basketball mama?"
"Let's go to Fairbault and get minnows dada!"
"Eli needs a snack."
"Can I have some please?"
A few months ago, Elias started singing....and continues to sing a ton! He sings many songs, like "twinkle, twinkle", "jingle bells", "old mcdonald", many songs from music class...and the list goes on. But I will never forget the day (about 2 months ago) that he sang the ABC's from beginning to end. I cried!
This spring we've continued our ECFE class "toddling toddlers" and we've joined an art class in St. Paul called "Art with Ellen"...he loves it! He absolutely loves going to Addies house three mornings a week...which has been such a blessing! But most of all we've enjoyed being home playing outside, going to the park and having play dates with friends!
I have to end this blog now because I'm running out of time...but I'm looking forward to sharing more as Elias continues to grow. It is my goal to share more often! And, we LOVE reading updates from you all!