Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My ZaNy CousiNs...tHe GoOfY gOoBeRs!

Here they are...my zany cousins! From left to right (Will-2yrs, Grace-4yrs, Aaron-10yrs, Elias-8weeks, Ian-6yrs, and Raine-7yrs) We had a fun day with all the cousins at our house while we celebrated Will's 2nd birthday!
Here we are on a walk in the arb...trying out the baby bjorn! The forest was beautiful, lush and green! Elias slept the entire walk all snuggled in on mommy!!
Elias has started to SMILE!! This has been SO FUN!! He usually smiles in his sleep or when he has gas, but just this week he has been smiling at us! Oh my goodness...there is nothing like it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Updates on our little peanut...

A few weeks ago we found that our little peanut had a hernia that needed to be fixed. On Monday, Elias had surgery at Children's hospital in Minneapolis. All went really well and we are home nurturing our little one as he recovers. He is doing so well and seems to be bouncing back really quickly. Below is a picture from the hospital. We were really pleased with the enviroment and staff at Children's...Elias was in good hands!Mikko snuggled up next to Elias... Mikko sure loves this little one and has done really well adjusting to our new family member.
Elias is now 8 lbs 5 oz. He is growing so fast and changing every day. Here he is sleeping away. He makes the cutest faces while asleep...from giggling with a huge smile to a frown to all kinds of little noises that are so sweet.

Bath time with Mommy! Elias loves to be in water...

Handsome little guy...many people say he looks like Daddy.