Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello everyone! We hope you are all doing well and enjoying the spring weather...yeah, it's finally here! Here are some updated pictures of our little peanut...
Elias is so in love with his Daddy! Look at my chunky cheeks...
Introducing my new buddy...cousin LIAM DANIEL BERNDT! Liam was born on May 17th...We are so excited for Jenn and Phil and their new bundle of love!
Just chillin' in my jogging suit!
All bundled up for a walk in the Chariot!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Four Weeks Old!

We can hardly believe it...our little peanut is already 4 weeks old! And he is growing...almost 6 pounds! We cherish every moment with him as we watch him grow and change. Elias and I spend our days bonding...breastfeeding, cuddling, changing diapers, reading books, going for walks in the sling, visiting with friends and family, and waiting for Daddy to come home! We sure love when Daddy comes home to be with us!! Elias becomes more aware of his surroundings daily. He looks around and loves when we talk to him. He is discovering his hands and becoming very strong. He is the biggest love muffin!! We have numerous nicknames for him...scuddles, peanut, peanut butter, butter ball, love muffin, and little man! Oh, we are so in love!!