Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Love!

Our sweet love turned one on April was a beautiful and emotional day filled with sweet memories as I thought about how much we've all grown in one year. My heart was filled with so many emotions thinking back to that beautiful moment when Elias was born. Our dear friend Amanda, who shared this moment with us, gave us a precious gift on Eli's first birthday...
our birth story. We are forever greatful for this beautiful gift of our story...thank you Amanda!

We celebrated Eli turning one this past weekend with family and friends on a beautiful sunny spring day! Here are a few (okay a lot) of pictures from the birthday party and easter...thank you to all who helped bring this day together...and thanks to Sal for these great photos!!

Happy Birthday sweet stinkle toes....we love you so much!

The Vogt clan on Easter Sunday...we sure are growing!!

Thank you uncle Tim for the hockey's just my size!

The goofy goobers hunting easter eggs...

Nana and Grandpa loving stinkle toes....

It's my birthday!

One of my favorite pictures of our cute!

Mama and Eli opening gifts...

Mama with all the yummy food...

hmmmm, not so sure what to do with this yummy cake...

Auntie Gigi and cousin Liam helped celebrate too....

Our easter birdies...

Pictures and clothes from Eli's birth... he was so tiny!

Eli at a year old: (oh so much that we don't want to are just a few of the many things that make us smile!)

*4 teeth (two on top and bottom)
*17.5 lbs, 28 in.
*Crawling all over and faster each day
*Pulls himself to standing position and goes from standing to sitting over and over
*Loves to be outside and could spend hours on the back patio studying rocks and sticks
*Eats all kinds of food
*Loves to snuggle
*Has some really sweet dance moves
*Loves to be chased when we say "I'm gonna get you!"
*Points at everything (sometimes points and yells at Mikko)
*Loves his furry friends
*Is very ticklish and has the sweetest giggle

A few of his many words:
mama, dada, hockey="ha", kitty="kee", ball, nana (for nana and banana), star="dar", puppy="bup"