Thursday, March 20, 2008

34 weeks and growing!

"Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be." ~Carrie Fisher

Here we are at 33 weeks! I was talking to my friend Courtney about how all of a sudden when you become pregnant you start to live your life in weeks. She informed me that this is how it is after baby is born too! It's so true...weeks become precious! Right now, I feel each day is precious. I was put on bed rest last week and when things like this happen, you really start to feel that each day this baby is growing inside is truly a miracle! All is well, just needed to slow down. Our midwife said, "you need to be on the couch and become a fatty!" I have to say, being away from work is a whole new world. I feel I can actually focus on baby now and take care of this little one. We've been doing lots of bonding...each time I feel movement, which is quite often, I am reminded of this amazing time and that I truly need to treasure it! Chris and I are preparing for birth...taking amazing classes...talking with wonderful, supportive people...and just really taking it all in! We are aware that there is so much we cannot prepare for...but, it sure has been fun to anticipate this little one entering our lives. We cannot wait to meet him/her!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pictures to share...

Hello Everyone! We hope this message finds you all well and healthy! Here are a few pictures of some fun happenings in our life...

First, Mikko and Marla fell in love! Okay, not really...but we do think they snuggle like this during the day when we are gone. We've witnessed Mikko cleaning Marla's fur. She just takes it all in until he gets too close...and then she starts boxing him. We've been wondering how they will do when we bring our little one home...well, that will be a whole blog entry I'm sure!

Another fun happening was a baby shower!

Cousins to be! Baby Ekern and Baby Berndt are only a few weeks apart! We are very excited to have cousins so close in age!!

Many thanks to Mom and Sal for planning such a wonderful day!!

One of our favorite things to do is go for walks in the arb with our good friends Amanda and Avery! Avery will be a year on April 19th! He is growing and changing so much.

I have to say I was very excited to turn 30! It is a year to feel blessed...becoming a mother!! Here is a picture of my mother and my sister...who is also an amazing mother! We were all able to celebrate together!

And of course, here are my boys...the men of my life! Chris and Mikko snuggling!!

Hugs to you all!!!