Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a very happy new year...a year filled with love and laughter! Our little guy sure is filling our lives with love and laughter as he continues to blossom at this toddler stage. It is hard to believe that he will be 2 in just three months. The best way to describe him right now is that he is still a little peanut with big boy attributes. The words that come out of him surprise us daily...he is starting to say things like:
"wait a minute" (and using this in context)
"dada doing?, mama doing?" (wondering where we are and what we are doing)
"Eli do it" (independence...independence)
"mama hold you" (mama hold me please)...although I sure do wish he could hold me too!
"monsters be still", (from the book "where the wild things are"...he is very curious about monsters)
"I'm gonna get you" (he loves being chased and hiding)
Just a few minutes ago he said "more water in there" because his water cup was empty...
And my latest favorite is his snuggling...or "nuggling". He snuggles with his hockey blanket and tries to bunch it up under his chin...it is too cute!

We just joined a gymnastics class called "tiny tumblers", which he loves. Learning to do a somersault has been a highlight "somersault mama", and we can't forget the "jumpa jumpa" on the trampoline!
Here are a few pictures from November and December of our little "big" boy!

The four red-heads...Raine, Eli, Brian and Ian

The fishermen...Eli loved touching the Walleye's eyes!


Grace and Eli

Sister Ski on the beautiful trails near our parents home....

New rocking horse...

Music concert on Christmas morning....can you find Eli?

Happy New Year!! Love and Hugs....