Sunday, October 19, 2008


This leaf is so great!!
Hmmmm...I wonder if I should eat it? (He sure tried!)
Where's Eli?
Such a big boy!!
On October 10th our little peanut turned 6 months old! We can hardly believe how much he's grown physically and developmentally in just 6 months. Our little peanut is not so little anymore as he reached 15 lbs a few weeks ago! This means he's quadrupled in size!! When Elias was first born, it was hard to imagine him at six months or even one month as we were taking it day by day trying to figure it all out. Now I have a hard time remembering him as a newborn and the days seem to fly by.

Elias has had some big milestones happen in the past few weeks. One being his ambition to move! He now rolls from back to stomach and stomach to back until he rolls to where he wants to be or until he reaches that toy in his sight! It is too cute and so fun to see him concentrate so intently! As I write this blog, he has managed to roll himself under the couch!!

He loves to study things, the latest being spoons and tags(and leaves)...he loves tags! Now I know why "taggies" where invented! He smiles and giggles at his familiar surroundings, especially when he sees Mikko and Marla and when Daddy comes home from work! He's in love with his Papa!! He also admires and has learned so much from his new friends...Jake, Izzy and Drew...the children I nanny for. I will introduce these wonderful children in my next blog as I have some cute pictures to share!!
Another huge and wonderful, maybe even miraculous milestone...Eli finally falls asleep in the car and is content for longer periods of time in his carseat! phew!! All I can say is PHEW!!

I know so many of you reading this can relate to these small (but so big!) milestones! It continues to amaze us how absorbant and aware these little creatures are and how quickly they change! We love all the updates on your little ones!!
Sending our love to you all...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Angie and Chris - Two Year Anniversary

October 7th... our 2nd anniversary! I cannot believe it's already been 2 years since Angie and I tied the knot. I feel so blessed to be married to such an amazing, beautiful and caring person such as Angie. All of our friends know what type of person she is, but I get to spend every day with her... how I got so lucky, I have no idea.

All right... sorry about all the mushy stuff.

Ang, please don't be mad at me, or embarrassed that I hacked into our blog and posted this... I just wanted to make sure you know I'm thinking about you. You are an amazing person, and a wonderful mommy to our son.

Happy Anniversary Ang... I LOVE YOU!
Love, Chris