Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Up North

This past weekend, we traveled up north for our first family camping adventure! We camped at Bear Head State Park (near Ely)...a beautiful campground nestled in the thick forest on Bear Head lake. Despite trying to escape the mosquitos and the occational rain, both Chris and I agree that our experience was absolutely wonderful and memorable. We loved being in the wilderness... listening and feeling the earth...and sharing this passion with Elias, who was a true camp trooper! Here are many pictures we wanted to share of the beauty we experienced... The first few days of our trip it rained off and on...our only escape was the car! Elias loved to play "driver"...hours of fun!
And when the skies were clear, we spent time on the lake!

Mikko's graduation photo. He has learned to stay in the boat and not jump out after anything he thinks is a ball! Congratulations Mikko!! He actually was a wonderful camper too!!

Daddy showing Eli a worm!!

Tired boys!

Campfires...love them!

The morning of our last day...it was gorgeous!

Helping take down the tent...

Bye Bye camping adventure...bye bye mosquitos!!

Elias standing on his own!! This is his new trick...and he thinks it is so great! He just giggles the entire time!

I think we have a gymnast on our hands!!!

Sending our love and giggles...