Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's a new year!

Happy New Year! We hope this note finds you well and enjoying the start of a new year. We've had a wonderful holiday season with family, friends and our little peanut. Elias is now 9 1/2 months and has grown so much...both physically and developmentally. He is now 10 inches longer than he was at birth (27 inches) and 17 lbs! As we look back at pictures from his birth, we are amazed at his growth...and thankful we have a healthy little guy. He is loving solid foods and drinking from a cup...this has been so fun to watch him explore the art of eating! Although he is eating some foods, he still gets most of his nutrition from momma...which we both still love! His vocabulary is growing daily. One of our favorite times of the day is waking in the morning to our natural alarm clock...babbles from Eli. It is truly so sweet and he gets soooooo excited to talk to us and tell us about his dreams. He must dream a lot about ma ma, da da, dursch, ki ki, gersh, etc....and whatever he dreams about must be funny because he is a giggly little boy! Even though he gets so excited to see mom and dad in the morning, he is even more excited to go find Mikko and Marla...who have become his best buds! Another favorite time of our day is storytime. He LOVES touch and feel books, especially the bumpy parts where he takes his little finger and scratches the bumps! Speaking of his little finger, he has been pointing at pictures, noses and eyes, and the teeniest tiniest pieces of "things" on our floor. Little specs we had no idea existed. Each day I am amazed at his learning and how his coordination and fine motor skills have changed. Chris and I have been saying to eachother a lot lately "Our little boy is becoming a BIG little boy" we watch him start to crawl and pull himself up on things! Here are some pictures of him standing holding onto his wooden box toy...
He loves to sit and play, play, play...

And then pull himself to a standing position!

Hanging out with cousin Aaron who teaches him all kinds of big boy tricks!

Not only does he love to play with boxes, he also loves to sit in them!

Daddy is so fun to play with...he gets SO excited when dad comes home from work and just loves him up...

Sharing toys with his best buddy Mikko!

Bye Bye from Mr. Blue Eyes! Love and Hugs to you all!!!